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Outdoor Learning

All Saints School is situated on the edge of Exmoor, a beautiful location.


The ethos of Outdoor Learning is based on a respect for children and their capacity to investigate initiative and maintain curiosity in the world around them. Outdoor Learning believes in a child’s right to play: the right to access the outdoors, the right to experience risk in a controlled way in the natural world along with the right to develop their emotional intelligence through social interaction, building resilience to enable a creative engagement with their peers and their potential.


Outdoor Learning is an inspiration process that provides all learners with regular opportunities to develop confidence and self- esteem and achieve through hands on learning experiences in a natural environment. 


Outdoor Learning is based on the process of learning how rather than what. It encourages children to direct their own learning as well as collaborative learning. Outdoor Learning is designed to encourage the natural curiosity already present in children and enable them to open their eyes and experience the wonders of the world.


All outdoor learning is planned around the curriculum currently being studied, which gives depth, enrichment and an outdoor perspective for our children. We want children to have the opportunity to be able to explore and learn outside throughout the year.


The woodland environment is central in supporting this approach to learning; the changing of the seasons, examination of the habitats found in the local environment; the flora and fauna; an infinite source of smells, textures, sounds and a range of visual stimuli all contribute the Outdoor learning experience.